Central Park Showdown

The second book in the series. Evie wants to have a say in her own future. Is that too much to ask?


An Irish Times Best Children's Book of the Year, 2014

'This is a perceptive view of young adolescence, cleverly blending the light-hearted with more serious aspects. The Irish Times, 2014


From Books For Keeps:

"Evie remains a convincing and extremely appealing central character, and Sheila Agnew gets her teen voice just right. The book is a page turner alright, with never a dull moment, let alone chapter, and not since My Family and Other Animals has a chorus of four-legged creatures provided such opportunities for humour or for insight into the relevant human condition. Underneath the action there are real emotions being explored . . . There should be more Evie Brooks books to come. I'll be looking forward to them."

From Parents in Touch:

"I enjoyed Marooned in Manhattan so was delighted to be able to follow Evie's adventures in this latest book. Evie was settled into her new life but the arrival of her father from Australia throws everything up in the air. Not just new people to get used to, but the very real threat of being taken away from her uncle and the new life she has embraced. But, as we know, Evie is not one to accept things without a fight, even when Scott is falsely accused of beating her. Can Evie’s friends rally and convince her father to withdraw his application for custody? Evie is a super character - she's strong and feisty and the reader is really drawn into the gamut of her emotions and wants things to work out for her. Perfect for pre-teens.”

From Families (U.K.):

"I loved the fast pace of the storyline and the teenage interactions in this book. Evie and her friends tackle teen relevant issues in a fun and easy to digest manner. A really lighthearted and uplifting story with a fabulous ending, it definitely made me revisit my teenage years. The tone of Evie's narrative throughout was brilliant."


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